About Doug Schiltz Motorsports

Doug Schiltz Motorsports was established in 2018, and the service center is located in Central Ohio. He takes an immense amount of pride in his workmanship. He makes sure his customers’ suspension setup will maximize their racing efforts.

Years of Experience

Doug Schiltz has been wrenching on ATVs, snowmobiles and motorcycles since he was a teenager, and graduated from Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in 2006. Most recently, he was ATV Pro Motocross Racer Josh Upperman’s mechanic.

After college, he started working in the parts department at Two Brothers Powersports in La Crosse, WI.

In 2008, he began working as the parts manager and service technician for Root River Powersports in La Crescent, MN. Root River Powersports transitioned to a race team, and Doug was a mechanic for the team until 2013 when he went to work as service technician at ESR Mods in Eitzen, MN.

He rejoined the Root River Racing team in 2014. At the beginning of 2017, he moved to Ohio and continued working for the team remotely. He served the team until the end of 2019 when it was dissolved. Doug was building and maintaining the team’s Honda ATVs each year, and he was driving the team rig nationwide to all rounds of the AMA ATV Pro and Amateur Motocross Championship. He was a trackside mechanic for amateur and pro riders in the series. Throughout the years, he lead workshops on ATV maintenance, as well as suspension/chassis setup at training schools.

Doug can be found at the track for nearly every round of the AMA National ATVMX series that spans across the country.


He’s the only factory-authorized Motowoz shock specialist in the country, and he keeps up on the latest suspension tuning and technology. Need to buy a new set of Motowoz shocks or need your existing Motowoz, Elka, PEP, Fox or Custom Axis shocks serviced? Doug will set you up for success.

He enjoys wrenching on bikes, but he’s also about riding them too. You can find him riding his KTM 300 in Southern Ohio on his free weekends.


  • Motowoz factory-authorized shock specialist/trackside support
  • Race Tech